Sunday, 13 May 2012


If the government were really willing to send local English teachers  to overseas to improve the level of mastery and competence, of course it is most welcomed. There are also opportunities to go abroad for teachers like us. Recommendations from Tan Sri Yahaya Ibrahim, the Kirkby International College Board of Directors Chairman was very good, but it still needs in-depth study, said the Deputy Prime Minister,Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.In the 1950s, most English teachers went for teaching training at the Kirkby College ,England for 2 years and the results was the production of excellent teachers in the language. Why not .. For 2 years, the communication was with English native speakers  .. In addition, this could give opportunity for teachers to  dive into their culture which led to the formation of English, as pointed out by Tan Sri Yahaya.Indeed, if given the chanceI also wanted to attend the course  .. but alas, I have to give the golden chance to single  teachers ... becausealthough it would take 'only' two yearsa lot of sacrifices have to be done .. not only to the family, but as well as to our students who thirst for knowledge here ...
There is also a proposal to let excellent local teachers providing courses here....Just to ensure of  no 'wasting of money' issue to occur.. Hmmm....We have to wait and see ... Yes or not, which is which.... We teachers are really hunger for more and more knowledge and proficiency for the sake of our pupils..

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